Secure critical patient records and future-proof your processes – all while cutting costs and waste

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Mercy Health Network implemented DocuWare to improve patient care, respond to queries immediately and improve lab processes.

Healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with paperwork and therefore struggle to break through information silos. They’re also held to the strictest levels of document security, and the new era of allied health holds providers more accountable for information management than ever.

We can help every department in your healthcare facility, including Admissions, Charting, Registration, Payroll, Pharmacy, Human Resources, Accounting, and Purchasing.

Capture all health, patient, and financial information at the point of entry. Store and process any type of document with complete security and compliance. You really can do this all with a healthcare document management solution. Streamline workflows and document management processes for improved patient care as you facilitate information sharing and real-time access to patient information.

CFX provides the Accountable Applied Technology essential to reducing operational inefficiencies in Healthcare Organizations of all sizes and missions.

Document Management Solutions For Healthcare

  • Waste less time
  • Save space and money
  • Work from anywhere
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents
  • Auto Fax Workflows
  • Improve patient service
  • Facilitate compliance and ensure security

Print Management Solutions For Healthcare

  • Secure Print Authorization
  • Mobile & Follow Me Printing
  • Rules Based Routing & Restrictions
  • Business Intelligence Printer Utilization Reports & Dashboards
  • Financial Chargeback & Recovery

Connected Office For Healthcare

  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Route Information Where It’s Needed
  • Direct Scan-To-Cloud Accounts Including SharePoint
  • Extract Useful Data From Paper
  • Improve Accounting Processes and Speed Up Billing
  • Achieve True Productivity Through Cloud Subscriptions
  • Improve Collaboration with Intelligent White Board

Office Equipment For Healthcare

  • Scalable Intelligence
  • Multilayered Security
  • Eco Friendly Sustainability
  • Operational Simplicity
  • Outstanding Document Quality
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