CopyFax made our event planning easy. Pre-event communication about availability & price was timely and effective. Equipment delivery and set-up was also on time and complete. Additional in-case-of-emergency supplies were provided without hassle. With copy quantities in excess of 110,000 for 4 days, we need reliable copiers. CopyFax equipment functioned better than most copiers we have used in the past. And, post-event pick-up and payment was smooth. When we come back to Jacksonville in 2014, I plan to work with CopyFax again.

Paul Windrath
US Aquatic Sports Convention

Our office has been very impressed with CopyFax. We recently leased a new Ricoh from them and were amazed at their willingness to help us think outside the box regarding this powerful, multi-faceted machine. For example, rather than buying expensive Equitrac software, they helped us learn how to capture our copies to charge back to our clients. Their customer support and service is also top-notch and they are quick to respond. Awesome company!

Delegal Law Offices

I wanted to take this opportunity to write a letter to you which will share my gratitude and appreciation to everyone at CopyFax and the positive impact you all have had on our business over the last 3 years that we have been working together. It is rare that you are able to find a vendor who acts in the best interests of its customers to the extent that CopyFax does. I quite often feel as if you all are partners in the business with me as opposed to simply a vendor to us. The products, services, and counsel you provide have been a critical component in both the company’s success and growth since we have. engaged you all to work with us. The scale that we can now achieve, coupled with the operational efficiencies associated with the solutions you all have provided us, make the future prospects of the business very exciting for all of us here at Velocity Athletics.

I am looking forward to continuing to work hand in hand with CopyFax in the years to come and sincerely appreciate all that CopyFax does for our business. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you, especially in terms of providing a referral to other potential customers of yours.

Ali Azhar
Velocity Athletics

I want to start off by thanking Jeremy Weil for helping to streamline our business. His knowledge of business products and industry was very impressive and it made for a very easy decision to switch to CopyFax. We were able to eliminate our multiple fax machines, copiers, and scanners and replace it with a single unit. This decision alone allowed us to save time, reduce waste and ultimately lower expenses. Also, the customer service we have experienced from CopyFax is unparalleled. The image quality for both print and capture are much improved. My favorite function is the paperless fax transmission which allows me to fax from my desk. With automated billing, supply fulfillment, and meter reading it makes administration so much easier. The training offered to our employees is a great service and has made them more valuable and efficient. My team has developed methods to improve existing business processes with the training provided by Jeremy and CopyFax. Once again, thank you and I highly recommend CopyFax to any company big or small.

Wes Bond
Cue & Case Sales, Inc. 

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